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Our Company focuses on products that enable you to stay powered throughout your normal everyday life regardless of how extreme of an individual you may be, you will have sufficient power to keep you strong and going all day long. Basic essentials include; Our One-Of-A-Kind powerpack, our 'MoPoweredU' case, Our premium iPhone/Android Chargers, and our super portable option powerpack! Below is a showcase of what we offer

Featured Products

  1. MoPoweredU
    Possibly the best thing since juice became a word, MoPoweredU is a 20,000mAh powerpack that is extremely efficient and capable of charging any usb compatible device; meaning your iPhone, Android devices and iPads are all compatible with 'MoPoweredU'. Initial release colors are; 'Equality', 'Marijuana' & 'Immigrant'. Available December 1st, 2017
  2. MoPoweredU Charging Case
    MoPoweredU Charging Case
    This case is only for the most daring. With this case you will find yourself powered throughout the day effortlessly, no cords or anything. Plain and simply a super attractive slim charging case with a kickstand available in our signature colors; 'Equality', 'Marijuana' & 'Immigrant' Available January 1st, 2018